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About us

The Hermiston Group

The Hermiston Group Classic Car Restoration is a family and friend owned organisation located in the South East of Poland. This idea started when Marcin was a teenager, had no money and very old car for daily use.

After Marcin finished school he moved abroad to Great Britain, and there his dream of restoring classical cars began. Not far from where Marcin was living at the time, there was a classical car workshop where Marcin would spend every evening even on weekends working for free just to gain experience and knowledge on classical cars. Marcin is paying his respects to the man who took time out of his daily life to teach him about classical cars by naming his company after him „Hermiston”. While working there he restored a great number of British and German classical beauties.

After a long period of time Marcin knew he was ready to start his own business, so he moved back to Poland and started by building „The Barn” and then doing everything that needed to be done to start the perfect future buisness.

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